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Category: Opportunities

What problems do you see when you look outside of your window every day? Living in the developing world yields many such examples that are opportunities to solve a problem that affects many others. This is a collection of ideas on how to solve some.

Reimagining the Commute

Shrinking the speed at which you move through a city a key to economic empowerment and increasing productivity in a city. In some cities a commute is more integral to your day than time with your family. It is a game of cat and mouse trying to beat the commute where it can be 30 minutes at off peak times and 2 , mostly idle, hours at peak times.


Why are we so phlegmatic about road safety in East Africa?

Over the Christmas holiday I took several buses, motorcycle taxis and private hires in Uganda. In every situation the driver drove as fast as they could, cutting corners at breakneck speeds like a serpent among the hills. In all vehicles but one, the seat belts were either maimed or non-existent. I…

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