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Category: Poetry

Sometimes the wind whispers, calling for a dance with words, painting stories buried deep within


I’m 30000 feet above places my feet walked, Over cities only known for their horrors and heroes minted by fire, I set my sights on the city that lies ahead, Leaving what I had behind, in jars of memories Slowly I drift into these news realms, slowly falling in love…

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Moments you cannot express in words, How do you explain the color red to another. Red is the color of roses, The color of love, Red is the color of blood, The color of passion, Red is the color of beat root, The color for good health, Red the color,…

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Stranger worlds

We all long for happiness, Those bursts of endorphins, Times when we feel disconnected, Yet so closely connected, To the deep eyes staring back at ours, Those moments when comfortably lie, We’re intertwined like twigs, Falling into eyes, falling into a dreamland Long we searched, expectant Waiting for the one…

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Folly of youth

Folly of the youth they call it, We call it a celebration, Our legs are strong and our will unabated, Our brains are sharp and our skins glow, Like water, it flows, quickly passing, slowly changing We look to the stars, stare at the ground, read about greater lives Focusing…

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The search

They ask me what I’m looking for, They wonder why I chase after it, They tell me I’ve everything I need, That I’m at the top, and should look down, That the praises sang, the carpets drawn The hands raised, the tongues stuck The prints made, the photos taken Should…

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