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Category: Poetry

Sometimes the wind whispers, calling for a dance with words, painting stories buried deep within

Seven Journeys

1. Adventure, Shine the bright light on this soul Illuminate all corners, Open doors to magical rooms, Open the windows and breathe the air, Let the cold cut in for the heart is warm 2. Learn, For you open my eyes to hidden knowledge, Let me dine with kings and…

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I feel you on my neck, I feel your breath against mine, I rub your nose against mine, Your chapstick on my skin, Reminiscence of your lips, Hands yours on hands mine, Interlock like meant to be, Break all my rules, nothings comes above you You, You who breaks the…

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In a dark time

What is fairness? Look out into the world, See its blackness, Its randomness, Hurt being spilt, Archers look into it, And fire It is raining, Arrows whiz through the air, Singing and caressing the air, Looking for a target, Stand their way, And they pierce to the very deepest Kneel…

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Hear the birds singing, They know it’s time, The clouds are dark Expectant Fear the weight For they crave a storm We are not alone, The clouds have counters, Other expecters hover around I crave a connection Let the clouds connect A merger bigger than any Trump on anything less…

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Shall I Wait?

The simple and mundane Become the elephants in the room Every little bite As hard unlike any before But shall I wait? Gloomy painting On every other face Their sadness or demeanor? Or I do is wonder Did I do anything? But shall I wait? Amazing views around Inspiring birds…

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Like a flame

Take a deep breath, Everything that comes out, Burns into soot, On every breath, Air flows like a river, Cleaning the insides, Cooling the inside The flame that is the soul, Easy to suffocate, Take away the oxygen, Breeze oxygen, The flame thrives, Consumingly, Pale blue hot Why extinguish the…

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