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50 Thousand Feet2 min read

I lift off to the skies, and look below,
At the maze of life lived, a thousand journeys,
And see the paths that brought me here,
I see the hands that held mine as we walked,
I see the intricacies of choice, the canopies of love,
I see the battles fought, the lefts not to be taken

And I think about the destination,
All I see is but a mirage of what’s to come,
But I lit my flame and set my course upon a great life,
With the greatest pleasure to help my fellow man,
Leave footsteps on paths not taken,
Plotting to where I go, though I know not how and when I get there

So hold my hand, if you believe in this dream as I do,
I walk slow sometimes, I eat herbs of the jungle, they slow me
Sometimes I forget where it is I am heading,
Sometimes I wonder if I am walking the right path,
Sometimes I look up and wonder what I see down below,
Sometimes I ask if I could have chosen an easier path,
Sometimes, I pull down the veil into my intricacies of maze messiness,
Sometimes, I retreat into the woods and away from my path

But I need a hand, and eyes, and a heart,
To look with me and see the horizon,
Be inspired by the challenges and the opportunities,
Come with me as we lift the curse,
Tear down the veil of the inexplicable intricacies,
Engrave this vision even deeper,
Go head first into the asymptote,
For if we believe hard enough, then that is faith

Faith to guide us to the dreams,
Though the paths forward are filled with mysteries,
Thought the paths forward cry out with adventures to come,
I want to not only bring myself to the riches,
But be remembered as the trailblazer of the paths not walked,
That shattered the way we live and love this world,
Here is my hand, lets go,

Lets take off into the skies,
Driven by what lies deep inside us,
Come lets go find inspiration,
Lets unleash our inner dreamer,
And for a moment, exist in a world of fantasy,
And lets come back with the magic reignited,
Our realities re-enchanted

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