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A pursuit of truth2 min read

A rock flies down in space,
Looking for a familiar body,
Looking for a place to call home,
An invisible force pulls it,
Burying the rest of the world,
This moment is just for us

And so begins a violent delicate process,
A process somewhat terrifying,
Our eyes quickly searching, caressing the soul before them,
Swept away by conspiring winds,
Kidnapped by our own delicious delusions,
Did we choose or we were chosen?
Every moment we ask if we were the lucky ones

So let’s start a fire in this jungle,
Let’s pour firewood to keep the fire hot,
Let’s pursue truth, let’s redefine the truths we tell each other,
Intertwine our views on the truth,
Our times of enchantment, are here,
We want to pursue certainty

And the universe stares on,
Let’s test the bond, they say,
Create an ocean between them,
Let’s surf the waves of the osmotic pressure,
Created by the presence and absence,
Treacherous waters, they are,
But we are here for true love,
Love that can triumph,
Overcome the hurdles erected

Part the seas for us to cross,
Board big birds that carry us into each other,
I want your body close to mine,
Your struggles to be mine,
My arms to guide your way,
While my moonlight illuminates the paths you walk

Let me bury myself in the intensity of having you close,
Even though for just a moment,
This moment that seems to last forever,
As I disappear into your eyes,
Our bodies intertwined,
I will cherish this moment,
I will clad armour for the journey ahead,
By pouring my love to you, with an open heart
And look forward to the anguish in your absence,

Knowledge for the heart must come from heart,
From its pains, longings, emotional responses,
I will open my heart to you,
Hand you the keys to it’s beat,
I will keep in mind my ability to love, has the ability to hurt,
But what is romance without its frustrations?

A violent supernova brought us together,
Now we must orbit each other,
We are chosen, now we have to choose,
It’s no longer chance that unites us,
But truth,
And a common view of the world,
The need to show love, compassion and kindness
To the world around us, one day at a time,
I will look forward to these days ahead,
When hand to hand we shall go into the world,
And show it our love, day by day,
Disappear into nature, into an adventure,
And like any adventure, not without it’s turmoil and hurdles

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