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Chronicles1 min read

I feel you on my neck,
I feel your breath against mine,
I rub your nose against mine,
Your chapstick on my skin,
Reminiscence of your lips,
Hands yours on hands mine,
Interlock like meant to be,
Break all my rules, nothings comes above you

You who breaks the norm,
Makes me doubt the extent of my breadth,
Knows my likes better than I,
Shadows my love for art,
My awe at literature,
Do you know how well you speak to thy mind?

A rare sunset,
Clear sky,
Devoid of the white and the dark,
The wind washes them away,
Let them drip away,
Drift across the sky like tears on my cheeks,
Move majestically,
Bow down to the power of the wind,
Blow my worries along too,
For I escape this ladder glued on to them,
I look up the mountain and
I pray for the god of burden to lighten my load,
Yet you the gods, come disguised
Sheep in wolves skins?

So here you are,
Right in my sight,
My eyes have seen,
Opened wide to let the light,
Illuminate the insides,
We have heard stories from far and wide,
Of how light chases the darkness,
Enter this pocket of the world,
Shine your light,
Scare away the monsters,
Let them tremble and shatter in your presence,
I want heavenly calm,
Swinging from eve to eve,
With nothing but joy as a solution,
To these pests that haunts and infest my mind

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