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Destiny?1 min read

I’m 30000 feet above places my feet walked,
Over cities only known for their horrors and heroes minted by fire,
I set my sights on the city that lies ahead,
Leaving what I had behind, in jars of memories

Slowly I drift into these news realms, slowly falling in love with my new north,
For true love knows no hastiness,
It cast a spell on me when I first set sight,
And I was intrigued by its blackness,
Maybe truly found myself or my place

There’re no lights beneath me, only darkness for a thousand miles,
Deep down below a mighty river is pushing,
A continents waters down to my new home,
By its strides bring the interiors to the light

For it is a pleasure being lost, being like water and letting the wind drag you,
Show you the beauties, help shape rocks,
Let myself be scooped up by my arms but not my heart,
I’ll let this alien world shape me, transverse these canopies and show them my climbing skills,
As I fall into an embrace with my destiny

I look forward to the life ahead, shaped by discovery and maybe love,
I’ll let myself be taken into the songs of the wind, and I’ll dance
I’ll dance boldly like those waters, and not care about where I start nor where I end,
But united by this burning desire to live life fully

I’ll give myself entirely into that is noble,
Forbid myself from distractions of less worthy causes,
Spend my breaths on the right airs,
Carry my soul when I set off to the skies,
And feed my curiosity with endless streams,
From the four corners of the earth

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