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Finding Fairy Worlds2 min read

I used to believe in fairy tales,
I used to believe in fairy gods,
I used to believe in fairy worlds,
These worlds where happiness was eternal,
These worlds where joy flowed like a river,
Where winds blew calm but strong,
A world where I could stare at God,
Ride white horses,
Where mermaids sang as I enjoyed the sunset,
Happiness was not happiness,
We were leaves dancing in the wind,
In harmony and in time

Which world do I live in now?
Passion does not burn at my feet and make me jump,
Which world is this, that my smiles are not wide and inviting?
Which world is this, that the energy of a thousand suns doesn’t power my core?
Which world is this that love is not my religion?

I am lost,
A sheep, lost among wolves,
Wearing the wolf’s skin,
You see me, and not see my anger
I want to laugh at cynicism of words,
Cry out my loathing of pretense,
You hear my voice, not my words,
I need to re-find my flock

For who I am,
I am who stares at rainbows and believes in them,
I see lightning and wish for it to strike,
I see people and hope for them to stick,
I see the color green, and hope for green in my eyes,
I meet, climb and get carried away,
I wash away with rivers like a log but drag a lot with me,
I fight for freedom,
I believe in the creative god, and finding it,
I, yourself, want to find this freedom,
Withdrawn but not taken away,
The waters in my eyes only adds, not take away
I’ve been to and from the promised land,
My eyes have seen what beauty looks like,
So I will take nothing less,
I need to find my way home,
Carry me, carry me!
Take away the poignance!
These —- of evil,
Imbue these thousand fires,
Let the rivers flow!
You cannot take my passion away,
For it is buried deep within

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