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Folly of youth1 min read

Folly of the youth they call it,
We call it a celebration,
Our legs are strong and our will unabated,
Our brains are sharp and our skins glow,
Like water, it flows, quickly passing, slowly changing
We look to the stars, stare at the ground, read about greater lives
Focusing our energy on the search for the mystique,
To be struck by lightning, to scratch our money making itches
And let there be rain, a gold rain

Knowledge, streams of which, flow by, we like, the thirsty
Stick our tongues, edge in to devour the water, let it flow at our fingertips,
We want to know it all, stare at our eyes, see our youth, but we know
Yet we can’t help but wonder, when life comes calling, do we look back?
Is this my best life? Will I end up burnt out, thirsty, hungry?

What is the meaning of all of this?
So what, I have to be like this, like that
Fuck dogma,
You say the rules were written in stone, i only read print editions,
I crave for a thousand fires,
Sparks of my skin as in the sky,
Let me glow brighter than Sirius,
I want a thousand coals beneath my feet,
Keep them warm, keep them active,
I want my brain to be hungry, crave knowledge, crave to grow
As a leaf beneath a canopy craves for the sunlight,
I want tears to wash away the scars on my face,
I want lightning to strike, to power a thousand connections,
I want a heart ready for love,
A brain ready for knowledge,
Feet always on my shoulders,
Smiles like star light in the desert sky!
So no, I want more!
This is not enough,
So blame the folly of youth

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