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Growing in the wild2 min read

I push through the ground,
My stem bends with the force of the earth,
Sunlight beams above me filling the sky,
Reminding me of the energy that lies ahead,
Push through the soil and life awaits

Who am I?
A seed that was laid on solid fertile ground,
Lucky, unlike those that fell on rocks
Or sand
Or the water that carried away the astray?

Keep pushing,
For that is the only task to do,
The clock goes tick tok,
My energy goes tok tick,
Only enough to push through the thinnest of grounds,

I can hear the world above as I approach,
Sounds like a rough place
Winds blowing,
Giants hovering above,
Made it here first? This is your wild,
Need the strength of the infamous wild

Yet my heart is strong and brittle,
Seen very little of this world,
Innocent to the face of evil,
Let me crawl and be close to the ground that breeds me,
For the wind caresses my tiny leaves
And threatens to tear them away,
Riding on these shoulders of giants I  found trust,
Not believe,
For they sail the with the wind un watchful,
Eyes parched to keep the harmful radiation out,
For gold, diamond and fame,
Physical gratification wins above all,
All only a giant game of chess

So here I am, made it to the wild,
The wilds welcomes  by sucking the dew from my roots,
And the giants trample on my weakest of leaves,
Enjoying the youthfulness of my untouched starch,
Yet the writing on the wall is that the strong live,
No, the strong conquer and maybe survive,
Leave enough at most a seed to see the next winter,
Unless I am strong enough to see the rising of the moon

Show a mirror to a giant,
Resound every word they vibrate.
And they spend their days staring,
At a creature like them,
All is an illusion,
Fill up your rule book with rules reflected on the mirror,
Make sure the mirror likes your outlook,
Prune your branches off the not so deflectable,
Bow down to the power of mass,
Count numbers of thoughts alike and sail with their wind,
For its all an act on a giant mirror witnessing the atrocities to living,
Now breathe the wild air

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