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Stranger worlds1 min read

We all long for happiness,
Those bursts of endorphins,
Times when we feel disconnected,
Yet so closely connected,
To the deep eyes staring back at ours,
Those moments when comfortably lie,
We’re intertwined like twigs,
Falling into eyes, falling into a dreamland

Long we searched, expectant
Waiting for the one person,
The mind that gets our own,
Their smiles ignite on our lips,
Our bodies excite and entangle,
Speechless to appreciate the moment
Bound by the four forces of nature

What a wonder it is,
To long for another person,
To miss their eyes,
To miss running your hands,
Disentangle tangle messes on our heads,
To miss running your hands through their back,
To dream, of those times we’re close

What a wonder it is,
We wonder how long we can do this,
We wonder if we are cheating,
Breaking the laws of gravity,
We wonder how long it will last,
We wonder what we did to deserve this,
We sing songs of storybooks written,
Maybe all isn’t to be left to fantasy

As a writers writing rivers dry out,
Leading the way into a delta,
To open into a wonderful world of the open ocean,
Leaving curious minds and expectant thoughts,
The words wind into the delta,
Beautifully entangling the land as a hungry python,
So a chapter comes to an end,

But worlds, our imaginations,
Drawn by curious winds,
We sail towards the setting sun,
Seas as far as yours eyes can see,
Keep me closer, next to you,
Knowing that the days to come,
Bear the beauty of the rising sun,
And that the story is yet, yet to end,
And the water sails into the winds,
Whistling quietly, singing natures music

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