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In a dark time1 min read

What is fairness?
Look out into the world,
See its blackness,
Its randomness,
Hurt being spilt,
Archers look into it,
And fire

It is raining,
Arrows whiz through the air,
Singing and caressing the air,
Looking for a target,
Stand their way,
And they pierce to the very deepest

Kneel down to the god of death,
For the music of death,
Is smooth and surreal,
Thought I was strong?
But what is strength,
Can we have the strength of ten men?

From wall to wall,
Bounce let the world lead you,
Worship its terror,
For those who stand fall,

Let the four winds,
Guide these arrows,
For you painted a target on my back,
The air parts to let scare through,
And terror whispers,
Weakens the strength of my tendons,
I know its time

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