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In every waking moment1 min read

In every waking moment,
The image would strike me,
Reminding me of the glamour,
Telling stories only fantasies know,
Of how grand my heart craves
The mystery of a land unknown,
With no clue of what to carry,
My mind would wander,
Creating worlds only it would know,
Exhaling only misery,
For the fear of the unknown

The skies deep blue,
With a glimmer of hope,
That the dreams that carried my thoughts,
And possessed my mind,
Painting a target on the skies unknown,
In a universe far away,
The world was perfect

This universe, where stars are born
Brought to a beautiful and majestic space,
Untold of the lifetime that lied ahead,
The world where fantasies were created,
Where monsters were real,
Glimpse of time passed to see

The skies shine bright with stars,
Created in worlds far away,
In times farther away,
Yet glimmering for eternity,
Eternity too grand for a soul,
To small to see the brief history of time
Yet knowing the truth,
That this moment,
This moment, where we patrol the heavens,
Bowing down to the god of time,
Kissing the feet of the god of truth,
I will shine
Shine brighter than Sirius,
Illuminate souls below and beyond

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