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Like the first time1 min read

Silently analyze the country side,
A faint sickness of awe and fear of the future,
If we draw these lines, they are bound to meet somehow,
Yet we have our pencils out,
Time our canvas

If I had a wish,
From a genie that does not grace me with their precious time,
I would draw lines,
Ask for an eraser,
For every time I draw a painting,
However beautiful,
A huge cost of the intangible,
Sell pieces of me to cover the cost

If I could erase,
Get back these lost pieces,
Have my heart fresh every time,
My innocence as new,
My idea for love unequivocal,
A beautiful painting I stare at,
Open to let the deserving in

A moment at the sun set,
Birds chiming and singing,
Mellow music filling the air,
The body and soul feeling the lightness of this moment,
The waters of the lake swaying ripples with the wind,
A sculpture of what beauty in the world is,
This kind of moment,
Experienced like the first time every time,
That kind of purity

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