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Oceans1 min read

In the oceans of my mind, vast and endless as the ocean in my world
I search for myself and plot a journey ahead,
I look for trains to board, and listen for whistles to call me out,
In this strange world, I am carried away by the wind,
And waves dance and toss me side to side

In this expanses and depth,
Hidden away are my thoughts,
Sometimes the currents draw me to one side,
And sometimes to the other,
At times they just stay still

Here I find myself sailing,
I have learned to respect these elements,
To listen to them and work with them,
I set my sail up and look up

There our eyes meet,
Mine and those of the stars,
There’s twinkle, I hope mine does,
Across the sky, a streak appears,
Of a body carried from far far away,
And it burns up, in a spectacular show of light

Back on the boat,
I look to my side,
And there she is,
I see the twinkle in her eyes,
I see the streak shine in her eyes,
And the stars a world away reilluminated

This energy, contagious, unexplained,
Reignites inside me,
And a feeling of calm enters my being,
And a tingling dashes across my skin

I think of the vastness before and ahead of me,
And feel a strong urge to push forward,
A whisper, calling me forward
A special wind on my wings,
Asking me to fly,
So I fly

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