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Quiet streams run deep2 min read

So the sky stares back, stars lighting up the viewpoint
As the blanket covering the star light is dragged across the sky,
The milky way, brilliantly staring at the ground,
Many have come, many have gone, seasons, seas, ice lands
All witnessed by gods, they’re all staring at existences mirth
Kings and queens, beasts of land and seas

They watched our kind, watched us bust into existence
Watched our folly metamorphosis into preconceived knowledge,
We looked to the stars, basked under the star light and ingested some energy,
The big rule book, the mother of all answers, the continuum of existence,
They watched as we tried to fathom our way into existence

The fires light up, stars exploding, universes being created and expanding
Atoms solidifying into existence, our entropies drawing closer,
The gods stop and stare, at a scene seen infinitum existences before
We watch our kind glow into existence, how great though art
Have you seen intelligence of this kind, have you seen prowess like this?

Seek the hedonic contours of existence, I am here because I am special
Time stopped, thunders cracked, lightning illuminated the skies, every eye shall see
For a mere mortal comes to existence, have you seen this kind of entropy?
I shall exist, do I exist? Will I exist? Why do I exists? Is this air that I breathe?

What am I, a mere gas cloud, trying to lay a trench in time, the world presents itself
Welcome to the wild, you know the game? No, yes, I guess
You guess? Don’t you know where you are?
Lay your roots, seek the eudaemonic contours of existence
Life is beautiful,
You are non-existent,
Life has no rules,
The only rules, stare at stars above, see them staring below, not noticing
Forget the rules, fuck the rules, imagine a world without,
A world where you don’t exist, for you don’t exist
I exist, do I? Trapped by time

See the world, see time as infinite, dream higher, love bigger, smile broader,
Throw a seed into fertile ground, throw a seed into sand,
They all fight for the rising sun, drawn by the stars to glory,
Crave more, celebrate like kings, bask in the ground that breeds us
Bash away the misanthropic, touch the world around you
Shine light, leave a mark, effect
I want more, I will dream more, I will crave more, I will pray
To be, the least, an example

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