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Red2 min read

Moments you cannot express in words,
How do you explain the color red to another.
Red is the color of roses,
The color of love,
Red is the color of blood,
The color of passion,
Red is the color of beat root,
The color for good health,
Red the color,
Of passion and good health

How do I explain this passion I feel,
For another soul,
I’ve known you for a thousand years,
In my past lives, I brushed my shoulders past you,
A thousand years you caught my eye,
Yet this time I looked,
I paused to see the beauty for myself,
This time, yes I will board the ship ,
Let the stars guide me to the promised land

My love, I’ve seen you before, known you before,
I’ve seen your colors a thousand times,
Many looked to the rainbow, yet I saw you bow
Nod your head in appreciation,
This time, I will nod back,
Let our eyes connect in momentary avalanche of excitement,
Carry me down the slope,
Let me in for the love

A screeching horn cuts through the darkness,
And so a ship comes dock,
Moaning as a beast in chains,
For its voyage finished for the term,
And out of the beast, here I come,
My arms expectant, my tongue hungry for you,
I’ve thought a thousand times,
About when I will have you in my arms,
And let your skin caress my own,
Give it the warmth it deserves

Then the stars stop to appreciate the moment,
The sun stood still,
The day the earth stood still,
You and I,
The prophetess and her prophet,
The prophets of love,
Let us show the world what we have lost,
The color of passion, the color of blood,
Fall into my arms, let us celebrate this moment,
For we are among the gods,
At least for this moment, right here

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