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Seven Journeys1 min read

1. Adventure,
Shine the bright light on this soul
Illuminate all corners,
Open doors to magical rooms,
Open the windows and breathe the air,
Let the cold cut in for the heart is warm

2. Learn,
For you open my eyes to hidden knowledge,
Let me dine with kings and queens,
The gods bow down to this humble soul,
Show what I knew but didn’t know

3. Success,
Show the honor of being a painting,
Let thousands of eyes stare unto my void,
And illuminate their souls with perceived misconception,
Show me that the world sees beauty and valor

4. Darkness,
Show me the monsters,
Let them shake the ground as they tear down reality,
Disenchant all the magic from this world,
Let us spend our days screaming at the void,
For the darkness embraces our weakness

5. Salvation,
Sanctify my soul of evil,
Cleanse it to the very core with your holy water,
Drop into my path with your full armour,
Defend this seed that is pushing through the soil

6. Misconceptions,
Show me a Mirror,
Reach into my well
And suck it dry,
Convince me of good and the bad,
I look to the hills,
Where does my help come from?

7. Faith,
Show me that the world is both dark and light,
Shine lights and scare with darkness,
Show me the power of repentance,
Put my sins on the cross and stone them,
Bury those that survive and stone them further,
Tear down to the core and reconstruct the representation,
Re-enchant reality,
For there is beauty in the world,
Now move!

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