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Shall I Wait?1 min read

The simple and mundane
Become the elephants in the room
Every little bite
As hard unlike any before
But shall I wait?
Gloomy painting
On every other face
Their sadness or demeanor?
Or I do is wonder
Did I do anything?
But shall I wait?

Amazing views around
Inspiring birds whistle
The yellow light illuminates the darkness
The paintings look alive
An epistle for creativity?

Push this rock,
Friction all around
The heat burning the tarters
That protect my dignity
But shall I wait?
Shall I pray for rain?
The gods have their ears flooding
With cries and prayers
People crane their necks
Looking at the horizon for the cloud
Hoping that their prayer for rain
Will somehow be answered

Escape the chains,
These chains that bind many,
Rather than pray for rain,
Work for something,
No rest for this soul,
Until the devil’s turned to dust
Put this writing on the wall

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