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Surrealism1 min read

Hear the birds singing,
They know it’s time,
The clouds are dark
Fear the weight
For they crave a storm

We are not alone,
The clouds have counters,
Other expecters hover around
I crave a connection
Let the clouds connect
A merger bigger than any
Trump on anything less
I know you cloud,
I’ve craved your mass,
Come into mine,
Let’s form a bigger one,

A storm,
Take any forms,
Form snowflakes in a car,
Form stardust in every space we know,
Release every bit,
But only bits,
For you and I know,
Clouds hover,
But only for time short
But how?
Can you wake sleeping Giants?

I see my demons
I trump on them
Send them beneath my feet
And pray for rain
Let it wash over me
Carry my load
I no longer suffice

Michael leads them all
This is unseen
Too much to bear
The stars explode
A new energy,
This is unseen

This star,
Shines on,
For its young and foolish
Hoping that
In a land far away
Time is linear
Pain is inversely exponential
The more I bear,
The less I hurt

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