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Should we be afraid of Giants?1 min read

Let the Giants lash their tails,
Threatening to cut the roots,
Or the fear of maim,
The good stories we have heard of the Maimed and meager defeating Goliath,
Mere sling shot cutting tendons,
That for so long held us to the ground,
Escape the horror,
The wind that cuts the air,
Singing horrors of stories past

Escape this music,
Stare at the compasss and embrace the road,
Let us stare into the void,
Have the sockets of eyes fixed on the void of the plain,
Let us stare at the long stretch of the road,
The endless turmoil of the desert road,
The ineffable road to freedom

Have your feet on the clutch,
Gears Bow down to foot pressing,
No worries for the mountains In the moon are calling,
Few are invited to dine with the Kings,
Few make it there alive,
Stare at these sculptures of the world as we know it,
Yet the skies stare in contempt,
Of how low we hold destiny,
And vision,
And reality

Let’s define stories,
Make models to follow,
Construct the architecture to follow,
Have us appreciate our weakness,
Sardonic to power,
Can you kick the weight of our selfless?
Seek the hedonic contours of the world,
Awe at the ticking clocks,
For time we swim in with clocks running forwards,
These experiences currency for the new time

Embrace my hedonism,
For all I seek is a thrill,
To shake my spine of reality,
Sharpen my teeth for the hunt of the hap-Hazard serendipitous,
For this wild has made me this way,
Which side am I on?

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