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The creative process1 min read

The sun struggles out of bed,
Rising slowly but steadily,
The air is clear and crispy,
I look outside my window,

Can you hear that?
This sound that cuts through the morning air,
It whistles and hisses as it comes closer,
Then the bells start calling out, calling me out,
To run to the station, to board the train,
To put down this idea that just struck,
Afraid it might go away,

Get me a notebook, get me a pencil,
Let me put it down,
Into my notebook and back into my mind,
To start the journey,
The journey to create,

Graphite strikes paper, and the moment is captured,
Only thing I have to do,
Is to type away,
Turn this simple idea,
Into something,
Something that I can share,
Share with the world

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