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The Mirror2 min read

A sharp high pitched laughter cuts the light darkness,
On and on it goes recurring as if the screams of trippers,
Makes me wonder, what would happen
If we inverted the world,
Where sadness would be laughter,
Loathing into warm handshakes and cozy nods

Look into my eyes,
See the colors, listen to the tone in my voice
And observe my gaze,
So you know what’s processing,
My brain is stuck on a function that I can’t escape,
But you try to get that from the look in my eyes

Too much work,
I want to scream out the anger that anchors my heart,
And laugh out my cynicism of words said,
I want to axe down bad relationships
Prune branches of the family tree,
Swim down, wash away the wrongs,
Let the water carry the filth away,
Eat away the pests that haunt my mind,
Shoot down the birds that carry my opportunities,
Feel my instructions to silicon crunch,
Bowing down to pointers to instructions

Give me an axe,
Show me a tree,
Point me in its direction,
Stick your finger,
And nod your head towards the enemy,
And I charge towards it,
Axe in hand, Idea plunged deep,
Energy from above,
I put my feet on my shoulders,
One after the another,
Until they carry me to enemy territory,
And I will show my will,
And give my all

You who patrols my mind,
You’ve made it your own,
If I shake my head hard enough,
Will I rid you off my branch?
Or our relationship is symbiotic,
I let you bring the foreign,
And cut down the surplus?
How long can I let you occupy?
When should I bring out the axe towards you?
And death, I’m not afraid,
We can play this game until you win
Or singularity cheats and brings on its tidings for immortality,
Pushing the limits,
Wagging fingers escaping your rabid bite,
I worry that
I’m morbid and fragile,
But the universe embedded in my imagination,
If I can be good, just good enough,
I am looking at you

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