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The search1 min read

They ask me what I’m looking for,
They wonder why I chase after it,
They tell me I’ve everything I need,
That I’m at the top, and should look down,
That the praises sang, the carpets drawn
The hands raised, the tongues stuck
The prints made, the photos taken
Should be enough

How can I explain, something deep,
Something locked away, in a room in my mind, I don’t have the keys,
They say that is where passion is bled,
They say that is where I find truth,
This evasive room, showing its door a blessing,
I crave those moments as I would a first kiss, or a first love,
Torrent of emotions taking over the body,
Tiny sparks jumping around and about

I crave for a thousand fires,
Sparks off my skin as in the sky,
Let me glow brighter than Sirius,
I want a thousand coals beneath my feet,
Keep them warm, keep them active,
I want my brain to be hungry, crave knowledge, crave to grow
As a leaf beneath a canopy craves for the sunlight,
I want tears to wash away the scars on my face,
I want lightning to strike, to power a thousand connections,
I want a heart ready for love,
A brain ready for knowledge,
Feet always on my shoulders,
Smiles like star light in the desert sky!
So no, I want more!
This is not enough

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