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These boots1 min read

I know what the sky looks like,
I see patches, when the clouds reveal the beauty,
When I can see, I admire its blueness,
Yet my mind wonders why it’s so spotless,
It’s as if the clouds sweep away the spots

I remember, a beautiful day, a cloudless day,
The sky took this as a chance,
A chance to radiate beauty, it was so blue,
So blue that I felt the closest to the heavens,
Yet I kept climbing, climbing higher by the day,
I felt as the onetime opportunity to glance at God

However, I stopped climbing, there was no stone to jump,
Trail to put below my boot, views to admire, air to breath,
High up, in a monastery, in a land that defined religion,
I could not climb anymore, I stopped, admired the beauty,
Yet missed the comfort of my hotel room, away from the thin air

On my way down, I appreciated how hard the climb was,
How strong I must have been, energy had been dissipated,
The ground nearer and nearer, the monastery further away,
Yet the boots that carried me up, guided me down, clean

From the ground, I see the monastery, I know the thrill, the energy,
From my telescope, I can admire its beauty, but I miss being up there,
Reminds me of a moment, a moment I fell for someone beautiful,
Yet broken, a vase that was crafted carefully, only to be broken,
Estranged, yet beautiful, for the cracks were mended with gold,
And miss that time high up there, I know this boots carried me there

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