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Today my heart broke2 min read

I want you to know that today I broke,
I thought of the stirring inside me,
I felt it boil, and creep over me,
I felt my body and soul disconnect,
Then unite in momentary unison,
This moment when I acknowledged,
I knew for one moment what is it we had,

Who is it you were,
And that these moments we shared,
Expressed in pure honesty,

When you made you made me bread and cheese,
Then we popped open the bottle of champagne,
Smoked a cigarette on our couch,
With your nakedness showing to me,
And you had this look in your eyes,
It was as if you had really seen me,

We walked hand in hand as we would in many other cities,
You made me feel so small,
Like you saw my soul spoke to you better than I could,

Even when when ghosts of our pasts,
Even when I made you cry,
Even when I made you sleepless,
Even when I had my doubts,
You still had me, forgave me,
Like you knew better

And we fought together,
Like comrades in a fight,
Everyone said we would lose,
I guess they were right,

I will cherish moments like walking in a dark cold night,
In the streets of Warsaw,
In dance venues that invoked my demons,
You held my hand and,
Spoke to me,
And I spoke back,

And the streets watched,
The rain rained,
The winds tore through our skins,
And I held you hand tighter,
And this moment,
Moments like this,
When we shared,
Moments when I knew what your smile would be,
Like a painting yet crave to see it again,
When I knew what your lips would taste like,
What your comments would be,
What your face would be when I talked to you,
As your facial muscles tightened,
As your brain sprung to think to respond,
You will hold dear a place in my heart,

You knew me,
I showed you mine,
You showed me yours,
I am saddened the story did not end as we wished,
But you have made a mark,
Not added to my gallery of broken pieces,
But stitched them together,
Mended my broken self with your pure goodness,
And love you showed me,
And the person that I will be,
However broken,
About to be broken even more,
I will still preserve what you gave me,

This is the end,
But here’s to you,
You beautiful soul

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