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Wandering Explorations2 min read

What happens when your mind wanders?
You are used to be a sheep in a flock,
Slowly and orderly chewing the grass,
Like every other sheep around,
All you have to do is chew, regurgitate and chew again,
And this time you are free to walk around,
Though the world is this big playground you never imagined,
All colourful and inviting,
Every door asking to be opened?

So your mind wanders,
Looking for the crazy,
Fill my inventory of the unexperienced,
We are all pioneers,
Leave behind the chains that bind our kind,
Let me break free from these chains that bind,
Let me escape what has been my existence,
My daily routine,
I will be holy and sing my sins to you so you know,
Have every voice, like a turning fork, resonate at my voice

I want freedom,
I dream of freedom,
I want to escape myself,
I want to lay down this york that hangs by my neck,
I have so much to offer,
But i spend my times dragging this weight,
Gravity shows me no mercy, tells me I am no exception,
Yet you look at me and not see me,
Hear my voice but not hear,
Right now, right here, all is a fake

Maybe sacrifice, the idea of pain striking a body alike,
Resonates through the deaf ears,
For the pain unimaginable, makes us think,
Can’t you see me for who I am?
I don’t try hard,
I admire peace and envy the peaceful,
Like the sheep I am lost,
No one sees me lost,
For I am insignificant,
You hear my voice and not my words,
Even I, have lost it too,
I do not know this alien voice,
I want to re-find my flock,
But I know pain has its prize,
Maybe all this suffering has a silver lining,
Maybe there is beauty around the corner,
Maybe there is an awakening on the horizon,
I need to wake up,
Right now, quick here now, now

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