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Warm Tranquility1 min read

I can hear the waves crushing,
Crush crush against the beach sand,
Sunken ship catches my attention,
Gets me wondering about its glory days,
Now it is just a rustic home for the eagles,
The wind keep whistling,
Dragging the water by its necks to the beach,
With the beauty of the blue open water,
Bringing peace and tranquility

I think about a lot of things,
My mind’s let loose like a playful kitten,
Wanders to the far end,
Yet in space and time,
Some objects have more mass than others,
Somehow I keep falling to the same star,
Circling around it,
Like the lake water,
I am dragged by my neck,
But I enjoy the crashing between two waves

For I believe in truth,
And finding it,
Where can I find truth?
Somehow I am convinced t’s under your wings,
Maybe I’ll get a chance to see the world through your eyes,
Maybe I’ll get to grasp your gears and push them,
Maybe, like Forest Gump, I will be able to say,
Around you, every moment, every breath I take,
Is the happiest moment of my life,
Maybe I need the sun to rise on this beach,
And bring its thousand colours along too

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