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APRIL1 min read

There are these dark clouds in the sky,
They are closing in faster than ever, obstructing the sun
But the sun hurts my eyes, so I stare
I stare as the wind drags them like a blanket over the sun,
Heavy and expectant, they stare back, storm they say
They ask me, why did you let yourself be like this,
When did you stop believing, when did your passion burn out?
I look back, bolts of pain, hurt tearing my insides,
Tears flowing down my eyes,
Nothing compared to the impeding storm,
I say, I believed, I let in, I loved, I hurt, I forgave, I loved
I opened doors to the secret rooms in my heart, and believed
Then a fire came, announcing its presence by shiny sparks,
We stared, the sparks were beautiful, we were in a bowl,
It kept heating up slowly, we couldn’t fathom what was happening,
So we let it happen, then steam came, the first flame,
We danced at our feet, not wanting to put it out, we enjoyed playing,
Then the fire came, it’s hot and consuming, burning pale blue,
It melted the foundations of our beliefs, questioned our existence,
Burned our neighbors house, rivers bled, and drowned our tears,
Then it came, for us the instigators, at its hottest, it came to make us pay,
Look at the destruction you have caused, I say to myself, now
My neighbors’ houses are burned down, now dreams are shattered,
Lives destroyed, passion suffocated, love carried away by bleeding rivers,
And for what? Did we gain the whole world? Why did we have to?
Only to loose ourselves, and wash away those we cared about,
Then the clouds remind me that judgement is eventual and eternal,
So let there be rain

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