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You who speaks my tongue1 min read

I seat across from you as you utter my mother’s tongue,
You whisper thoughts that resound,
You who comes from halfway across the world,
Yet the world echoes your energy,
You let out and you get back,
Are you human?

Life sends angels and demons,
So they say,
I have seen my fair share of demons,
I have sent them below my feet and trumped on them,
Threw them into the abyss,
Locked the door,
And threw away the keys,
I do not see so often

So here we are,
Drinking, dancing and chatting
What are we talking about?
We have lost track,
Time has far departed us,
The coals of our hearts got warm,
The cold doesn’t pierce anymore,
Around you, is warmth

Bounce from side to side,
Infest my thoughts,
Haunt my dreams,
Make me smile,
Though you are far away,
Your energy resounds in space,
I can feel your warmth from this far,
How do you do it?

So Eliot says I enjoy this moment,
For time is not linear,
Time presents itself the present, the past, the future,
All the same,
Tous les mêmes,
So what happens in time unknown?
In places unknown,
In corners of the world I cannot fathom,
Pockets of the sea,
Like a leaf under the storm,
I tremble at their mention,
Let us explore, for this moment we have
Is an unfair opportunity,
Soar under the wings of this eagle

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