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The search

They ask me what I’m looking for, They wonder why I chase after it, They tell me I’ve everything I need, That I’m at the top, and should look down, That the praises sang, the carpets drawn The hands raised, the tongues stuck The prints made, the photos taken Should…

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There are these dark clouds in the sky, They are closing in faster than ever, obstructing the sun But the sun hurts my eyes, so I stare I stare as the wind drags them like a blanket over the sun, Heavy and expectant, they stare back, storm they say They…

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These boots

I know what the sky looks like, I see patches, when the clouds reveal the beauty, When I can see, I admire its blueness, Yet my mind wonders why it’s so spotless, It’s as if the clouds sweep away the spots I remember, a beautiful day, a cloudless day, The…

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The Mirror

A sharp high pitched laughter cuts the light darkness, On and on it goes recurring as if the screams of trippers, Makes me wonder, what would happen If we inverted the world, Where sadness would be laughter, Loathing into warm handshakes and cozy nods Look into my eyes, See the…

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Wild Fires

I am going to find passion, and embrace It with all my might, I will find something That makes my heart jump with excitement, That ignites wild fires in my heart, and dries These tears that I bleed, these tears Waters for a tree, I plant today That in the…

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I seat here as I watch the beauty from the balcony, Urbanization encroaching on my view, Steel on steel with loud drills screaming gentrification, In my horizon sunset flowers rise and shine to sing to the setting sun, Squeezing the last rays on the risen sun, The flowers glowing in…

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