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Shall I Wait?

The simple and mundane Become the elephants in the room Every little bite As hard unlike any before But shall I wait? Gloomy painting On every other face Their sadness or demeanor? Or I do is wonder Did I do anything? But shall I wait? Amazing views around Inspiring birds…

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Like a flame

Take a deep breath, Everything that comes out, Burns into soot, On every breath, Air flows like a river, Cleaning the insides, Cooling the inside The flame that is the soul, Easy to suffocate, Take away the oxygen, Breeze oxygen, The flame thrives, Consumingly, Pale blue hot Why extinguish the…

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In this moment

In this moment, The stars have aligned, They blink in harmony, Like spotlights onto the ground, This moment made for the soul that gazes What a wonder, To have the heavens, Lend you attention, In consciousness and joy, The gaze doesn’t shift Yet as the earth moves, The stars do…

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