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Aim well1 min read

Aim well and strong,
For there’s no other that I show strength to,
Summon all your energy,
Aim at bulls eye

I was born a mammal,
To help other mammals
Fill the earth
Yet you use my eye
As your wheel to train

My shield made of skin,
From strong a bull ,
Gave his all,
For this one and great mission,
He’s strong and fearless,
So cast your arrows

The sound of death is pleasant,
Cutting air as knife through butter,
Whiz through this air to breathe,
Take away the very I hold to

These arrows ,
A siege,
I’ve always prayed for rain,
Rain to cleanse,
Wash away my sins,
Not this rain,
For your presence terrifies me

The shield I am,
Send the rain falling,
Did I love the rain,
I fear the water,
I wear my shield, cast away my sins,
Send them seven ways,
Let the word spread,
I thrive in silent terror,
Where does my light come from?
I look upon the clouds

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