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Hi, I am Peter

Peter Kariuki, Software Engineer and Entrepreneur

I believe technology can transform people’s lives and help solve Africa’s most pressing problems. I am a software engineer and entrepreneur working on data engineering, graphs (connected data), deep learning, and graph neural networks.

I co-founded a company called SafeMotos which brought ride-hailing and smartphone-based telematics to Kigali, Rwanda, and Kinshasa, DRC. We got a few awards such as Nominet Trust 2015, PivotEast 2015, and Fast Company 2017. We got a lot of press for this such as National Geographic, The Guardian, The Economist, RedBull, and Apple.

Currently, I am looking into how human behavior patterns can be extracted from connected data and using concepts from behavioral science to select the right intervention ( injunctive feedback) for negative behaviors and reinforce positive behaviors. I am particularly interested in its application to address workplace behavior change and non-communicable diseases.

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

When I am not behind my keyboard, I enjoy:

  • Coral Gardening in the Watamu Marine National Park
  • Diving on a single breath
  • Playing guitar and drums
  • Doing gymnastics

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